Learn what makes our products unique.

Tru-Tone bulbs are the only LED holiday bulbs on the market that faithfully and accurately mimic the appearance and light quality of vintage, incandescent bulbs. This is achieved through the use of original manufacturing techniques combined with modern technology and superior design features such as:

  • Traditional glass enclosures and original ceramic style and transparent color coatings- the same coatings that were used on vintage bulbs.
  • Our own, custom warm-white LED filament that closely resembles the brightness, warmth and shape of traditional tungsten filaments.
  • High quality, fully dimmable Epistar LED chips allowing for a range of brightness and and variety of applications.
  • Tru-Tone’s own, classic C7 bulb shape, reminiscent of GE’s original C7 bulbs, the most popular and recognizable of their time.

diagram of C7 light bulb features

Tru-Tone bulbs offer the classic nostalgia of vintage incandescent holiday bulbs with all the advantages of modern, LED technology:

  • Lower heat output means Tru-Tone bulbs are safe to touch without burning your fingers, won’t melt or damage your decorations, and won’t dry out or set fire to your tree.

Safer, cool to touch light bulbs

  • Greatly reduced energy consumption (compared to incandescent) means a much lower electric bill, many more lights on a single circuit, and along with the reduced heat; the ability to use lights in new and inventive ways that you would never have used incandescents.
  • Longer life and a great investment. Tru-Tone LED bulbs that are properly cared for, will last season after season, and rarely require replacement, unlike their incandescent predecessors. And even at the relatively higher initial cost, TruTone bulbs will pay for themselves in energy savings in as little as 2 holiday seasons, as seen in the following table. 

Table showing purchase price vs energy cost for LED vs Incandescent light bulbs