Charles Phoenix wrapped up in Tru-Tone Christmas lights

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The day has come when an LED Christmas light has actually matched a traditional incandescent Christmas light. Do I dare say it…An LED Christmas light I would actually put on my Christmas tree. Tru-Tone has done it. ” They’re the real deal…If you are looking for an LED C7 with a true incandescent warm glow, this is your lamp. Each color is equivalent to its incandescent counterpart in both color temperature and light output.”
– Jeff Carter,  General Electric Christmas Lighting Historian and Collector


“It’s a Christmas Miracle! These are my new favorite Christmas lights. You’ve done it! I’m staring at them and I literally can’t tell the difference. They look like the old classic incandescent bulbs!”
– Charles Phoenix 

“Got these new LED bulbs from Tru-Tone Bulbs and truly look no different then classic incandescent bulbs. I highly recommend them!”

– Mark

“My entire house is Tru-Tone C7s!

“You really made a great product and we’re your biggest fans for life! Our family members also received their string sets in the mail today and are thrilled with them. We’re looking forward to hearing how in the world you managed to make LED bulbs that not only don’t suck, but are wonderful. It’s a Christmas miracle! Congrats on a fine job and we can’t wait to see what you make available next year!” 
-Kevin & Jody

“So happy with our purchase of these. Mr. Levi can not believe how much these @trutonebulbs LED Christmas lights look like vintage ones !  They are so fantastic…  All the vintage vibes without worrying about burning the house down! ❤️ They truly are the best bulbs, we are in love with them!  I’m super excited”!!!
– vintagesoulthrifter

“LED that looks like old-fashioned!  You are a GOD!”
-Benjamin Bradley
“I bought two boxes… they arrived Wednesday and as soon as I saw them side by side with my existing C9s, I immediately ordered 3 more sets. The first two sets are along my roofline and every night I marvel at how I can’t tell where the Tru Tone bulbs end and the old incandescent ones begin. Thank you, they are truly amazing!”
“I just wanted to say how exactly these LED bulbs match their incandescent counterparts in appearance. Also, the vintage cord set is just fabulous.”
“I can barely believe what I am seeing! I was skeptical, and the photos don’t do your lights justice. I’ve been waiting forever for these lights. I’m over the moon. My tree looks so beautiful. I can’t believe the lights aren’t hot! Thank and bless you! “
“I can’t get over the packaging…even their logo I love. AMAZING old-fashioned light strings…I love the packaging so much I almost didn’t want to open it, but I did…they are really good in real life…It’s like 1977 up in here… BRAVO!”
“I cannot tell you how THRILLED I am with the set of C7’s I ordered!! I was so blown away by the packaging, that it took me a while to just get over that! I remember going to the store buying lights in boxes exactly like these!! You did an amazing job replicating the boxes, the 2 color wires, and you nailed the colors of the lights!!! My brother and I have been involved in theatre for more than 35 years and we’ve used countless strings of lights, the c9’s being our absolute favorite. When I turned these on for him, he was speechless! And the first thing he wanted to do was touch them!! He looked at me and his jaw dropped, “they aren’t hot anymore!! We can use them anywhere!!” I am so grateful to people like you who continue to work outside the box! Anyone who remembers these lights and how beautiful they were will appreciate these greatly! Thank you, thank you for these beautiful lights!!!”
“We love ours !!”- Josie
“I tell you, this Tru-Tone company knows what they’re doing! The other day they sold out all their replacements bulbs, so I bought a light set just to have. It was delivered today, and I am BEYOND Impressed with them! The box graphics are spot on for that vintage feel, and the fabric covered wires just finish the look and feel of it! Not only is the company selling an LED lighting product that is far superior to anything remotely comparable; they also are appealing to the nostalgia side as well, which is what drives many of us collectors anyway! I absolutely cannot WAIT to see what they come up with for next season! You have a customer for life with me!!” 
“I received my order of these yesterday, they’re as good as you say!
– Nate

“We got our C9’s in this week and got them hung today. These things are absolutely A-MAZING! Exactly duplicates traditional incandescent lamps like my grandpa use to have, just not a fire hazard! These are truly wonderful!”
– Brian

“they are amazing!”- Nancy
“You are my hero! Just got the TRU-TONE lights and they are spectacular. Each year I worry that the lights in the greens around my front door will cause a fire from the heat. I can rest easy this year. You have captured perfectly the look of the old C7 lights–the color, brightness, details, etc.–and they don’t burn my fingers when I touch them! I’m not sure what served as your inspiration but I am in awe. Thank you.” 
– Mike

The day has come when an LED Christmas light has actually matched a traditional incandescent Christmas light. Do I dare say it…An LED Christmas light I would actually put on my Christmas tree. Tru-Tone has done it. ” They’re the real deal…If you are looking for an LED C7 with a true incandescent warm glow, this is your lamp. Each color is equivalent to its incandescent counterpart in both color temperature and light output.”
– Jeff Carter,  General Electric Christmas Lighting Historian and Collector


The lights are awesome! -Lexie

“Ok people. These are the real deal. I have tried many LED “retro” lights, and they are dim, and the colors are wrong. These Tru-Tone bulbs look EXACTLY like the original incandescent bulbs I grew up with. They are just as bright, have the aura glow, and the correct colors. I could not be happier with them and look forward to purchasing more in the future.”
– Bland

“Love them! Thanks for making a great product and taking me back to my childhood – even though I’m only 30, these bring back memories of the lights we used at my house growing up! …..These pictures don’t do these lights justice! You can see the “warmth” and they give the feeling of the old incandescent bulbs!”

“They really DO light up JUST like the olden ones.
I like all the little details too, The red/green woven cords are a decoration onto themselves. It’s great that your boxes/packaging are retro, and can be used (I hope people know this) to store the lights away each year.”
“I am truly insane about color temperature, and there is literally no difference between the Tru-Tone bulbs and the incandescent ones they’re replacing, except for the fact that these appear about 2-3 watts brighter. I am thrilled about these bulbs. The only problem is i need … more…and they’re sold out for the season!”

“My Tru-Tone bulbs arrived today and I could not be any happier with them! I ordered 6 boxes of the multi coloured C7s and am already planning on getting more!
The left set is fitted with Tru-Tone bulbs, and the right are incandescents. When they are off, they are impossible to tell from incandescents.
They are super tricky to photograph, but when they are on, they are stunning. The colours are sooooo similar to the incandescents that you would find it almost impossible to pick the difference, even when side by side with incandescents. For those of you who are super observant (a nicer way of saying “fussy” lol!), you may notice that the white is slightly brighter, and there is a very slight shadow of the wire that runs along side of the LED inside the bulb. Again, this is barely noticeable, and once they are out of the box, you would barely see it. And if you did, it doesn’t detract from their overall appearance anyway.
These are simply outstanding and I cannot wait to get my hands on some more! The entire experience was stunning, from the beautifully designed website, to the Tru-Tone tape on the outer box, to the artwork on the bulb boxes! And of course, the bulbs themselves! Absolutely worth the money, especially considering the reduced heat output which will make them so much safer, AND the fact that they use so much less electricity – better for the environment and my bank account!”
– Luke

“They mess with my mind, I should feel heat coming off bulbs that look like this ???????? They are fantastic.”
– Cullen

“I have to say they are amazing…we were blown away. These do not get hot and they look so real, these do not look like the big box stores…They are a small business with a huge attention to vintage detail …definitely check them out. “
“No one is a bigger sceptic of Christmas LED’s than I am. I vowed for years that I would never use them. Well you’ve made a liar out me!! As soon as I plugged them in I was like a child on Christmas morning. Unbelievable, I can’t tell the difference. I will definitely be ordering more.”
– Craig
“I just got my C7s a few minutes ago, tried them, and they are just the same as my GE glow bright C7s that I already have! There’s no difference at all except these don’t get hot, so that my tree will last even longer!…Very pleased and very excited here!”
– Jeff
“Well my tru-tone bulbs arrived and all I can say is WOW, they are amazing and when placed side by side with an incandescent bulb their is no way to tell the difference, i will ordering more today… I’m obsessed.”
– Eric

“…the Tru-Tone bulbs order arrived today…!!!! …” -David

“These bulbs are the best on the market. I promise, you will not be able to tell the difference. These bulbs are legit, the best LED’s that resemble incandescent.”

“Ok, Tru-Tone bulbs. You’re beautiful, and I can’t wait to cover my house in these.

“My Tru-Tone LED c-7’s came in this afternoon. All I can say is wow, they look just like their incandescent counterparts minus the heat when you hold a bundle in your hands. These are what c7 & c9 LED lights should be. Side by side, I cannot tell them apart.
– Stephen

“Absolutely love mine! By far the best purchase I have made when it comes to lighting.”
– James

“They arrived today and I put them up right away. Beautiful and you just can’t tell them from incandescent!!” ????

“Best bulbs ever!! Love mine.”

“Just got ours in. The whole family was there to see them plugged in for the first time. Really amazing!”
– @cager_creel

“I love the old c9 bulbs and use them Every year on My house. After many disappointments after trying led Lights, i swore never again. Well, Tru-Tone made me a liar. These lights are amazing. You honestly cannot tell the difference. No more replacing burned Out bulbs every night and no more crazy high electric bill in December! You aren’t going to find a better made led c9 bulb. Christmas light purists, rejoice!”

“They have arrived and I must say Tru-Tone is the silver lining in the cloud that is 2020. Bless you all for giving me an opportunity to enjoy the past with the technology of the present. Move over sliced bread its Tru-Tone’s time to shine!!!! “
– Joseph

“Amazing! I give it ten stars! ⭐️
I took a chance after seeing a post … As soon as I screwed one in I was in awe. The Tru-Tone bulbs are identical if not better than the original incandescent bulbs. They are right, the only way to know the difference is to touch the bulb or look at the small stamp on the side. Side by side comparisons shows how they totally match, the bulb even has that dipped paint look. The bulbs are glass so you still need to do as caution while handling. If you want the vintage Christmas light look these are it! No more harsh blues or cold whites.
I will be in time upgrading all my C7 and C9s.” The box is high quality with attention to detail everywhere you look. The old style wire and sockets are amazing and it warms the heart to see such craftsmanship with these LEDs. I am a firm believer of this company

They dim well too!! Which is great because I don’t like full brightness on my trees. Wow just really impressed!”  @vintageholiday
“Just received my set and they are gorgeous!”
– @tkoquilts

They just arrived today and wahhhooo! I’ve been very curious about these Christmas bulbs as they are LED and I’m not an LED fan. I popped the lights into my snowman display and I’m smitten…VERY much that vintage vibe (now if they just came in pink too). I also like that the light cord is red and green so it’s more decorative and I didn’t feel the need to hide it).

“I received my order today, and I can’t express just how pleased I am with these lights! I absolutely HATE LED Christmas lights – I refuse to use them because the color is completely off, and I can see the evil flicker of death and despair. I bought one box of color, and one of clear as a trial to see it Tru-tone really can deliver that beautiful glow of the vintage bulbs. After trying these out today, I ordered a boatload more because they’re absolutely perfect. I can’t wait to get them up on my tree – pics will come as soon as I receive my second order and can get them all up. Tru-Tone Bulbs – Thanks for putting in the effort to make these truly remarkable bulbs!
– Bob

“C7 incandescent whites (clear) are spot on. Very elated to find LEDs with this warmth and brightness. 10/10!!” – Tyler

“Oh My GOD! You’ve saved Christmas!!!  They’re amazing…thanks a million mate.
“Just received my order! Legit, these bulbs are great! “
– Kevin
“@trutonebulbs has made it happen. The perfect LED solution to vintage C7 and C9 holiday lights. They had us at the cords, but the color is right on. Yearbook Approved! “

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