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Our superior LED Christmas bulbs are indistinguishable from vintage-style incandescent.
Discover the unmatched authenticity of Tru-Tone™ Christmas bulbs.

Our LED bulbs feature our exclusive Tru-Tone™ filament light source and are as bright as incandescent. With a traditional glass ceramic coating, they emit a precise, vintage color. They look exactly the same as the vintage big bulb Christmas lights you love!

Tru-Tone™ Christmas bulbs come in both C7 candelabra base (E12), and C9 intermediate base (E17) sizes.
[The glass bulb section of C7 bulbs are 1.5 in. tall. C9 bulbs are 2 in. tall.]

Tru-Tone™ Christmas bulbs are for indoor or outdoor use and are fully dimmable.

Tru-Tone™ bulbs are sold in boxes of 25 bulbs. Use them in any standard light strings or lamp sockets with a correlating socket size.

Tru-Tone™ Christmas bulbs consume up to 90% less energy. Safely use more lights per circuit. Our lights use only 0.6 watt compared with 7 watts for standard incandescent.

Our light bulbs are cool-to-the-touch, making them a much safer option than the hot surfaces of traditional incandescent bulbs.

Available in a traditional multi-color mix (red, green, white, blue and orange) of 25 bulbs per box in either C7 or C9 bulb sizes.


Tru-Tone’s new Jeweltone™ bulbs feature rich transparent colors, our exclusive filament configuration that replicates incandescent. They sparkle like Christmas jewels, and also look just like vintage 

Also available, Tru-Tone™ Candleglow™CLEAR bulbs accurately replicate the color and brightness of incandescent bulbs. Tru-Tone™ clear bulbs feature our Tru-Tone™ filament LED light source. Unlike other warm-white LED bulbs with off-colors and disappointing brightness, we’re confidant you’ll agree that ours perfectly captures the average color and brightness and pin-point sparkle of a 5 watt clear incandescent C7 bulb.

Also from Tru-Tone…

Our vintage-style light strings (cords) featuring twisted-pair wiring in red and green, and two-tone green. 
Our Deluxe light strings are the finest modern decorative light strings available anywhere and feature fabric-covered wires, bakelite-type sockets and heavy duty plugs. 
Our affordable Classic light strings are lightweight and flexible, with classic vintage charm for use indoors and out. 

Complete with vintage style packaging, Tru-Tone makes a great gift for any Christmas enthusiast!

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