July 2022

Dear Tru-Tone Customers,

Your favorite Christmas lights are coming back, and with a significantly larger stock!

For some, you may be enjoying your summer and Christmas lights are the furthest from your mind. For others, you haven’t stopped thinking about them, full stop. Maybe you fall somewhere in between…

In any case, we’re here with a mid-year update as we know that we’ve been very quiet this year.

We first introduced ourself at the beginning of the global pandemic, and we thought the challenges we faced then would ease up! But if you’ve been paying attention, you know that hasn’t been the case. We’re also constantly at work to grow and improve our products where possible, and that work takes time in the best of conditions.

We’ve avoiding making any public announcements because the information we receive isn’t reliable enough. We’re optimistic to revive stock by early fall, if not sooner.

We’ve invested in a much larger supply with the hope that we won’t run out this holiday season, or hopefully going forward. We’ll open up pre-sales the moment we have a close estimate of our product’s arrival, presently targeting very early fall.

We remain a very small new business, and we’re making slow, but important growth progress this year to better serve more people and ensure we’re here for a long while- we’ve got too many new things we’re looking forward to offering!

Thanks for being supportive and patient.

Very Sincerely,
Your friends at Tru-Tone




Image of the original Tru-Tone Christmas Light Bulb Factory