September 2021

Dear Tru-Tone Customers,
Thank you for your patience and support throughout this past year of growth and change for Tru-Tone. We know many of you are excited to get these awesome light bulbs in your hands and and in your homes for the 2021 Holiday season, and we are just as excited to make that happen. As some of you know, Tru-Tone is a VERY small business and nearly all of the work to make it all happen is done by just 2 people. Every product, image, diagram, logo, package, web page, and social media post has been lovingly and meticulously crafted to reflect our commitment to superior design and authenticity.

It has been a long and difficult year for everyone, and we know many of you are anxious for the warmth, comfort, and joy of the holiday season. We have been working hard to make pre-orders available in the shop but continue to face challenges brought on by the current state of global manufacturing and freight, as well as technical limitations regarding pre-orders. After careful consideration we have come to the decision to postpone pre-orders until closer to our projected ship date, currently hovering in early November. While disappointing, we’re confident that this decision will result in a much smoother and more secure process when we’re closer to shipping them to you.

Our shop preview page will offer the most up-to-date estimated pre-order ship date. Trust that we’re doing everything in our power to hasten their arrival.
When we begin to offer pre-orders, we’ll send an e-mail alert, so if you’re not already on our e-mail list, you can do so at the top of the shop preview page. We have a much larger stock on its way this year, and sincerely hope that it arrives in time for most to enjoy this season.

As always, thank you for your patience, positive support and understanding. We can’t wait to light up your holidays this year!

Very Sincerely, 
Your friends at Tru-Tone




Image of the original Tru-Tone Christmas Light Bulb Factory