Communications have primarily been through Alibaba messenger, but also through Wechat. Almost never e-mail. We also utilize private web pages like this, in an effort to more effectively communicate. Original Chinese translations were provided through a friend. Some translations are our best efforts utilizing Google Translate.

Early 2020
Initial light bulb development and small order with
Christmas International (HK) Limited (trade co., not manufacturer)
Alisa Chan, representative
No.37, Jianghai Country Garden, Jianhai District, Jiangmen City,GD


Decorative light string development and construction with
Colin LED Lighting Co., Ltd (manufacturer)
Kelin Li , representative
YueHaiMen Square B,1/F,3686 NanHai Road Nanshan Dist, Shenzhen,

Early 2021
We searched for bulb manufacturers so that we could establish direct relationships,  because we do not know who manufactured our bulbs in 2020.

Efforts to get another company to produce our cord sets resulted in much higher prices or simply rejection. We’ve continued with Colin LED, but the production process continues to encounter delays. We have not yet received images of samples, but have been expecting them for a few weeks now.

We began development of light bulbs with Haining Shengming Illuminate Wiring,
Hellen Zheng, representative
22 Group, Jianshan Village, Huangwan Town, Haining City 314415

April 2021
We ended development with Shengming Illuminate Wiring because they would no longer agree to produce our custom bulb shapes without much too large MOQ.

Began development with HUIBO Lighting Co.
Grace (Vivian) Zheng representative
No.46 Huanzhen West Road, Dagang Town, Nansha District. Guangzhou City

We selected HUIBO as a good choice because:
-They agreed to our most challenging custom requests:
-custom LED filament configuration
-custom bulb shapes for C7 and C9

-They have a long history with credible client list.

-Their existing products demonstrate their ability to manufacture our requests.

-They are located in the same general area as Colin LED, manufacturer of our cord sets for easier freight logistics.

HUIBO: Custom Shape Issues
There is doubt, or at least mystery regarding our custom shapes.  We provided a digital profile schematic for each shape. 

C7 mold

Huibo provided photo of custom C7 mold

Our C7 shape is based on a vintage shape.
The first photo of the mold they sent, purported to be our custom C7 shows a fully-completed and painted bulb in it, which is suspicious given the unnecessary efforts to manufacture that example bulb. We believe it may be possible they are using a shape that is essentially the same as our custom shape request. We have no problem with this other than we paid for a custom shape.

Our C9 shape is a more unique design. It has several differences, but is most easily identified by its more blunt tip.
The first photo of the mold they sent, purported to be our custom C9, was immediately recognizable as being their standard C9 shape. They insisted it was ours, but that they would “try again”, so their insistence is a concern.


Huibo’s 1st photo of custom C9 mold

C9 mold

Huibo’s 2nd photo of new/current custom C9 mold

The second photo of the mold they sent, purported to be our custom C9, which looks to be our design, but there was no bulb produced as an example, just their insistence that is was produced from our design. We have since received samples of our C9 bulbs and they are 100% identical in shape to their standard C9 shape. We have compared them to the original samples they sent of their standard C9 bulbs.
When previously discussing our custom C9 shape, Grace said that it needed to be very slightly narrower to qualify for UL listing. I modified our file and re-submitted it. I don’t know why we would have this discussion if they were not genuinely creating our C9 mold.
I am not sure what the truth behind this situation is. Did they produce our mold, but forget to use it? They insist that is indeed our shape, adding that there can be minor errors in the shape. It is preposterous that they would make a new, custom mold that is identical to their standard shape.

Often during communications, Grace will tell me incorrect or inconsistent information, indicating poor communications between departments, poor organization, or perhaps that they are simply too busy and we are of less importance. Grace has also demonstrated a lack of technical knowledge regarding the products we are specifying, so I am unsure how much of our information is conveyed to the engineers, etc…

Because they have already fully manufactured these bulbs (with the exception of the paint), and while not what we specified, the C9 shape is not important enough to add further delay at this time, but is important enough for future orders.

All of our bulbs are specified with 2200K LED filaments, total wattage of 0.6
The most recent paint color sample bulbs they sent utilized blue and green diodes in our blue and green bulbs, which was never communicated to us. Their reply was “We thought they look more beautiful”, and then tried to convince us to purchase them. We sent a formal letter to the boss of the company detailing the error and reinforcing our requirements from them, elaborating on the specific type of product we are selling. They replied that they now understood we are selling a “retro” product, and would correct the situation, but that it would add 10-15 days to the order.
We understand that these processes take time, but because this error is entirely their fault, we have the expectation they will do whatever possible to expedite the replacement bulbs.
We also believe that practically speaking, much of our communication and requests are somewhat meaningless to them.

There is some additional small concern that HUIBO will sell these incorrect bulbs with the blue and green LED’s to other customers because they have TRU-TONE LED stamped into the base, even though they are not our product. We don’t know if there is a practical reason to address this concern with Huibo.

We have requested 1000 small corrugated shipping boxes, made to accommodate 2 of our 5 bulb packs. They will be used by us to ship these 5 bulb packs to our customers. They should be shipped flat to us.
Huibo has sent us prototype images of a non-corrugated paper box which holds a singe 5 bulb package.  I have sent additional clarification and hope that this will be understood. I have not yet received evidence of the corrected sample.

2 opaque-color bulbs required new, modified samples.
5 transparent-color bulbs also require samples for approval.
When they finish them, they have to air-ship them to us for our approval before they begin manufacturing, which can take 4 or 5 days.
9/14:  We received images of the above 7 bulbs, and recognized that additional work was required for 2. They are doing this work now, and expect to ship us these samples on 9/15.
We have received more images of completed packaging. Most of it looks good. They produced a bulk carton for our C7 size bulbs that is a little too large. They used out approximated dimension instead of the accurate measurements from the C7 box they manufactured. It’s frustrating, but acceptable for now. They have been instructed to add some packing material in the extra space. 


We began our order process much earlier in the year with Colin LED, but the process has been much slower, and continues to experience delays. We have been told that our completed order will be ready to ship by the end of September. There has been delays with receiving samples for verification, but we just received images for all light strings, and they look good.  Kelin has also restated that they can have all items ready to ship by or before the end of this month. 

All of the packaging for Colin LED has been completed. 
Our order from Colin LED includes a special gift box that we have requested they ship to us flat, so that we can more carefully pack them locally in the U.S. 

Our freight forwarder comes at the recommendation of Huibo. 
Shuny International Freight Forwarding Co.
Linda Wang, Representative
Mobile phone / Wechat: 13510423857
QQ: 478971868
E-mail: [email protected]
1/F, No.1, Lane 5, Xinrui North area Hourui Community,Baoan District, Shenzhen City , Guangdong Province

Our orders would normally qualify for a 20 ft.  FCL, but we are shipping LCL due to availability. We’re currently expecting to ship near the end of September. Unless there are additional delays, we plan to ship everything together.  We must notify Shuny 3-5 days before our product is ready to ship. 
Door-to-Door service
Shenzhen to  Los Angeles, then to 49735 zip code